This is the Web site that provides information about an abstract peer-to-peer operating system called Kueea System. Ideally, its pages are to be stored by a system network so that every user has a copy and the site is managed by its community.

The purpose of Kueea System is gathering and preservation of knowledge about the worlds around us, whether these are real or fictional. It provides tools to make computations on that knowledge so that further knowledge may be inferred from what is already known. It also provides tools for creation of new resources and enables its users to communicate and get to know each other.

The first ideas leading to the establishment of the project began around the year 2011 and actual research and developement began in 2015. At first, the project had a goal of connecting databases with each other. As research progressed, it became clear that database alone is not enough. There needs to be a system of applications that manipulates the data.

The system is abstract in the sense that it is a set of specifications. These specifications are then implemented as actual computer programs. This Web site does not contain any said implementations. It only provides references to them.

The goal of this Web site is to provide enough information about the system and related topics so that its readers may write their own implementations. The intended audience are readers not familiar with the system, readers who are already users of the system, as well as its developers, with the focus on increasing the population of the latter. It is the first thing a shell ought to display to a user.