This Web site is dedicated to providing information about an abstract peer-to-peer operating system called Kueea System.

Kueea System is a set of specifications describing computer program behaviour. These specifications are then implemented as actual computer programs. This Web site does not contain any said implementations.

Kueea System is defined by technical documents called modules. Modules are narrow in scope and are developed so that the module eventually reaches a 'final' state, is frozen and never updated again. For example, one module defines methods for computing SHA-2 hash values. It does not define any other functionality and that is how it should be.

Devices load into memory and execute module implementations. It is envisioned that there will be different implementations available, some published as free software, others requiring payment to obtain a license.

Programs are compliant Kueea System implementations when they implement a certain set of modules.

The primary goal of this Web site is providing information about the system to persons who are already familiar with it and need to look some things up, as well as to those who know nothing about it, so that they could learn about the system, study the provided materials and become users and developers themselves.